Top 10 Common Mistakes During an Interview

Certain blunders which candidates make during an interview:

1. Poor personal appearance: Unkempt hair and overall untidy and clumsy appearance create a bad first impression on the interviewer. You must make sure to dress conservatively in a neutral color suit – navy, gray or tan. Women can wear minimal jewelry which complements their outfits, and does not appear to distract. Shoes should be polished for men and women may wear low heels which are polished. Hair has to appear cleaned, combed as well as it must be worn neatly in a dignified fashion.

2. Over emphasis on money: Talking about compensation in the initial stage of the interview spells doom for many candidates. You must give adequate time to the interviewer to broach the topic, subsequent to your discussions on your qualifications as well as the company requirements.

3. Condemnation of past employers: Any sort of negative references relating to your former employers/boss must be avoided. Not withstanding the fact that you could not tolerate your earlier boss, an interview session is not the right forum to indulge in “trash talk” or condemn your former employer. Bring in a positive twist when you are narrating your previous experience relating to being laid off.

4. Late for interview: Arriving late for the interview can signify disrespect towards the interviewer, diminished interest as well as lack of adequate preparation on the interviewee’s end.

5. Asks no or poor questions about job: When you do not ask intelligent, insightful questions relating to your job to the interviewer, the latter gets the impression that you lack the basic interest and urge to get the job. Asking no questions also speaks of the fact that you have not done adequate preparation and research on the organization.

6. Inability to express self clearly; Poor voice, diction, grammar: Inadequate advance preparation and lack of research on the company may result in inability of the candidate to express one’s thoughts and ideas clearly. You should take part in mock interview sessions prior to the actual interview to gain confidence in speaking clearly with a good voice, diction and grammar.

7. Lack of confidence: Lack of confidence shows on a candidate when he makes a limp and fishy handshake, does not make eye contact with the interviewer, and appears ill at ease.

8. No interest in company or industry: A candidate who does not have adequate knowledge regarding the products and services, goals, clients and such other information relating to the company shows his/her lack of enthusiasm or interest for the job.

9. Intolerant - strong prejudices: Expressing strong prejudices or beliefs pertaining to religious or political scenario, and which has no link to the job should be avoided at any cost.

10. Inability to take criticism: Sometimes stress interviews are conducted wherein the interviewer observes the candidates ability to deal with stress. Purposely they direct sarcastic and argumentative statements/criticisms towards the candidate to gauge his reaction. A candidate who is unable to handle the situation well here may also be unable to take constructive criticisms in real life situations.

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