Recruiters - Do We Need Them?

How to deal with recruiters

Recruiters or recruitment agencies actually serve many functions. Most companies do not directly want to entertain the huge number of resumes related to unqualified candidates, subsequent to posting jobs on the boards, etc. In such a situation, recruiters act as the buffer or filter, so that only deserving, apt candidates can gain access to the real employer.

Recruiters serve the jobseekers also in several ways. They have the knowledge of key positions in the market which common jobseekers may not be aware of.

A reliable and experienced recruiter who knows you adequately can help put you in the front line, in competition with other candidates. Those recruiters having serious and long term ongoing relationship with their client companies know the requirements and culture and will be in a position to find candidates who they feel should fit well.

Recruiters often have knowledge of future positions. When you are planning to search for a job, it is a good idea to set the ball rolling through a recruiter. Once recruiters come to know that you will be available in future, you will receive regular postings or information which will certainly help in easing off a part of the burden in your job search.

However, do always remember that recruiters are ordinary human beings. There will always be a few good ones and bad ones too. It rests upon your shoulders to distinguish between the good and the bad ones. Here are some of the signs of bad and good recruiters.

Bad recruiters

• They may try to put you through those job interviews which you are not adequately fit for. Either these recruiters do not have any understanding about your skill set, or they are the ones who are more bothered about the commission they receive rather than getting you a good job.
• Bad recruiters are unnecessarily pushy. This is something which you must not tolerate at any cost. Learn to say a firm “no”, and if required, do end the relationship if they push you for a job or a location which you are not comfortable with.
• They do not come clear with regard to the position. They usually misinform you about the expectations and goals and even the culture of the company. When you meet your actual employer, do remember to do a cross verification on such aspects as the salary, benefits as well as the culture.

Good recruiters

• They are the ones who take time and interest to explore the personality of the jobseeker and his skill set. They actually explore multiple positions and offer you those which they feel should be the right fit based on your resume and the conversations they had with you. These recruiters realize that long term positive relationships are most beneficial and thus concentrate on providing better service to their client companies as well as the employee.
• Good recruiters have some amount of knowledge of skill sets. They usually provide honest and clear picture with regard to a particular position and do not hide facts. These recruiters serve as invaluable guides to jobseekers.

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