How to Sell Yourself and Make More Money?

Why should someone hire you? The answer is simple. You have just got to place yourself into the interviewer’s shoes and concentrate on the specific needs and requirements. You will soon come to be regarded as an irresistible candidate.

• Do a thorough research on the company – its performance, its mission, and its target customers. Get to know the responsibilities and priorities of the interviewer. The more knowledge you gather about the company, the greater will be your ability to frame informed questions regarding the job.

• Read the job description over and over again, and try to get clarity on what your position demands. You must also evaluate whether you have the necessary background, experience and skills for the job.

• Make a list of the strengths you possess. Practice discussing on the manner your strengths can complement the job requirements. Jot down examples which demonstrate and speak volumes of your strengths.

• You must display promptness, make eye contacts with the interviewer/interviewers and give firm handshakes. You should also dress by all means, conservatively for the interview.

• Explore a common ground with the interviewer in order to develop a strong rapport as well as to distinguish yourself from the regular crowd. You might discover identical alma mater and mutual friends. However you must be cautious not to project any desperation or tending to overplay on this regard.

• Try to turn your potential weaknesses to strengths. Avoid saying you are a perfectionist because interviewers generally no longer buy it. It is better to illustrate an example of your weakness which you have worked upon to improve. You can say you were once a hard driving team manager, but have effectively discovered ways for soliciting and incorporating feedback of your staff in order to build a more efficient team. If you do not have a requisite skill, admit it and show eagerness to make up for the knowledge gap. Cite an example of a weakness which will not affect the job or the position you have applied for. Thus when you apply for the position of a copywriter, you can safely say that you are not an effective public speaker.

• Bring in specific examples for describing why you think you are the ideal candidate for the position. You must make use of probing questions in order to display your genuine interest. Get to know from the interviewer the specific reason for the position to be opened, rate of turnover of the company and also the specific position’s job role.

• Show your problem solving ability by getting to know a particular issue or a problem which the company might be facing. You can put forward your ideas about ways of solving it.

• You must exhibit your enthusiasm, responsiveness, friendliness as well as truthfulness to make the interviewer have pleasant and positive feelings about recruiting you.

Finally, a well written “thank you” note after the interview, reiterating the qualifications as well as topics that were covered in your meeting will help in triggering the interviewer’s memory regarding the winning interview.

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